The Benefits of Having Thousands Instead of Millions of Views.

People are not ignorant. They can spot a fake from a mile away. That includes discovering a new artist with thousands of views versus millions.

I truly believe that humility is a big part of having others support you. There is a novelty and special feeling when you find an artist that is relatively unknown. 

It is exciting to see the organic growth of an artist. It makes things more genuine. 

From the artist's POV, you should embrace it. It's a beautiful thing to have amazing people love what you do - one fan at a time. 

I've been in this music game since the age of 6. Performing in a family wedding band at age 12 non stop. Always rehearsing or performing live, music never let me go. 

Drum Luvin' was my first super hit and the new EP VICI starts with the single Wit Ya. ( click to watch )

When that first music video dropped I did not expect anything. The universe has always thrown me opportunities to keep evolving my craft. 

It won't let me go no matter how hard I try. 

Hence why I decided to go all in with this new album. 

No one knows that it took 7 years to rebuild a team and have a foundation that will not falter. 

This is the definition of success. Maintaining the highest version of yourself and never stopping.

Even if you do just get thousands of views instead of millions - it is about living with no regrets.

You can see the BTS below of the second single BEST LIFE,  shot in Iceland.

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