Paul Lizzi's NFT collection 'FIRSTSSS' has arrived!


Paul Lizzi is the first artist in the northern hemisphere to release cover art NFT's in anticipation for his third album FIRSTSSS. Click here to get them!

Get your Ethereum out! In this day and age crypto gives power back to the artist. This is why the collection has begun - so fans can support the artist 100% and get amazing perks for owning them spanning the lifetime of Paul Lizzi's career.


We all know that the journey has been a long one having sang and drummed in a family band, to supporting artists winning MTV awards and travelling the world to creating a mashup tour in Australia and becoming a full fledged artist himself in 2010 - the journey has been beautifully long. Can you imagine things are just only heating up?


With the anticipated release of the 3rd album entitled  'FIRSTSSS', Paul Lizzi is now adding rare cover album NFT's that will give the fan access to his live shows, events, collabs and happenings around the world. It is like investing in a stock. It will only keep rising in value and rewards are impressive for early adopters! 


Imagine buying the first Beatles' NFT before they exploded worldwide as a household name? The value of that NFT would be in the millions. Think of it as a collectible.


Every NFT represents the journey and storyline Paul Lizzi experienced - from seeing UFO's (UAP) in Egypt to referencing his crypto journey and even adding hints to previous albums what is to come.


The new album will be launched in summer of 2022 and this is the best sounding in terms of production, lyrics and tapping into Paul Lizzi's DRUM LUVIN' days.


The process os getting one is quite simple. Register an account with rarecircles and connect your MetaMask or Coinbase wallet. Make sure you have your Ethereum there already and a bit extra for the gas fees. Floor price starts at 0.002 ETH. Once they are sold out they will then be on OpenSea. This will keep the community growing and if you are lucky a whale will come in and scoop up your newly minted Paul Lizzi NFT! Go get your NFT now by clicking here!


Check out the official solar system induced promo for the NFT collection on instagram!