Paul Lizzi unleashed his sensational Mad Max-inspired track, "Drum Luvin'," accompanied by striking visuals that took the world by storm. The global audience was unprepared for the viral impact of his release, which ignited a lifelong career and sparked worldwide tours as he embarked on an unparalleled artistic odyssey. 

In 2023, as a singer, musician, and Web3 artist, his third album delivers infectious drum beats and captivating melodies with a subtle finesse.


  • When a young Paul Lizzi went to his first wedding, he became captivated by the beat of the drum. It was there that he decided – at the young age of five – that music would be a part of his life. By eleven he was skilled enough to be sitting in with other wedding bands and even had nine-year-old groupies. Today, Paul Lizzi is making a name for himself...