Bitchin’ Babes Man of the Hour: Paul Lizzi

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When a young Paul Lizzi went to his first wedding, he became captivated by the beat of the drum. It was there that he decided – at the young age of five – that music would be a part of his life. By eleven he was skilled enough to be sitting in with other wedding bands and even had nine-year-old groupies. Today, Paul Lizzi is making a name for himself. The Montreal native has been on tour with Karl Wolf, launched a first single, Drum Luvin’, traveled around the globe in a successful solo tour, and is now releasing his much anticipated sophomore EP entitled VICI.

Angelique Picanco: When did you decide that lead singers and guitarists shouldn’t have all the fun?

Paul Lizzi: I didn’t actually have a choice! The stereotype that you see on TV today was something that always irked me. Yes – there are many talents in this world, but are they breaking boundaries? It’s not just about being a singer or guitarist, it’s about being a musician and a performer. I break the norm as a drummer that can rap,sing and hype in electro, house, and pop music. I have performed everywhere in the world twice over and I know what it takes to make a crowd love or hate me… lol.

AP: You’ve worked with Karl Wolf and went to the MTV European Awards with him. Tell us about that kind of awesomeness.

PL: I have been blessed [by] being a part of his rise to fame for the past eight years and I still am very much involved on his tours. He is truly talented, and we have a friendship that keeps us together to this day. We have become brothers, so experiencing the MTV Awards together was actually a great experience. Once you see the view from the top you realize that it gets more and more shallow and the ‘music’ aspect is nowhere to be found. It was sad to see, but it reinforced my initial reasons for doing what I love and to always stay grounded.

AP: Drum Luvin’ was pretty epic. What would you say has been your favorite experience thus far?

PL: Honestly, living my life based on my passion is my constant variable of ‘favorite experiences.’  Every part of the world had it’s own magic. From Australia’s lifestyle and beauty to Egypt’s pyramids, I have seen things most people dream of after they retire, and I get paid for it. Drum Luvin’ was based on Karl and I seeing a UFO in Alexandria at 2 am in the Sahara desert! Long story, but it explains why I had sexy aliens as captives in the video.

AP: What can you tell us about MOTH?

PL: Everything! It is my second single and it is slightly darker and dirtier than Drum Luvin’. By dirty I mean by the sounds I used; it has a Dutch electro vibe.  MOTH is an acronym for Man Of The Hour. The lyrics are very humble and confident at the same time. I basically say that anyone can follow their passion and if they feel they can’t, support the ones that do. I wanted to audibly duplicate how a butterfly flies. It’s sick! You have to pump it up to get the full effect.

AP: You recently filmed the video for MOTH, yes? Can you give us a few details of what to expect?

PL: Yes I did! We shot it at the gorgeous Loft hotel in downtown Montreal. The video crew, Motion Core, were the same ones who shot the Drum Luvin’ clip. They are a little naturally twisted and they see things differently when shooting. So expect to see a dark, pensive, distracted, energetic, good and bad version of me. The story reflects my life in 2010. It mainly depicts a story about the beginning of the end of a relationship and the insecurities that come along with it. It’s in video producer Brian Finley’s hands now to make it killer!

AP: It’s getting increasingly important to be a Jack or Jill of all trades. What advice do you have for aspiring musicians – drummers – breaking into the industry?

PL: Everyone wants to be someone, but they are afraid of being themselves. Do what you do, and do it well, no matter where you are on this planet.

AP: If you were to host a bitchin’ music/foodie festival with the BK crew, what would you hope to see on the party menu and who would attend?

PL: I’m Italian! All Italian – all the time! Pastas of all sorts! Rigatoni is my favorite. Food is one of my passions, besides music; it keeps me off the streets. The attendees would be everyone. Everyone is created equally and it would be an honor to spread positivity and inspire.

AP: In the industry, who do you look up to most? Have any musicians influenced your work lately?

PL: I have been in music for so long and in soo many bands, from rock, Pop, Latin, Jazz, R&B,  that I get my inspiration from those experiences and what feels good. To be fair, Musiq Soulchild always hits the spot along with underground house music from NYC.

AP: So lets talk Epic Meal Time. How did you get involved with them and did they pay you in baconstrips?

PL: To make a short story long, I had appeared in a music video called Poppin’ Perrier on YouTube a year ago. Harley, Muscles Glasses, TB1, Brian F. to name a few, were rapping and singing, it was too funny! I had to come off as douchebag-gy as possible to appear in the video.

AP: What’s next for you? I heard rumors of a reality show?

PL: Yes, the series is based on my happenings in between becoming the man of the hour and my next single “I Realize”. I wanted to break the stereotype that you need to be on sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll to be an artist. My life is not that at all. I work as an entrepreneur from 8am and on. I’ve said it before: Everyone wants to be someone, but is afraid of being him or herself. I hope these webisodes entitled LIZZIFY will demonstrate that!

You can watch his latest music video WIT YA. Follow Paul Lizzi on his Official Website.