Paul Lizzi unleashed his sensational Mad Max-inspired track, "Drum Luvin'," accompanied by striking visuals that took the world by storm. The global audience was unprepared for the viral impact of his release, which ignited a lifelong career and sparked worldwide tours. In 2024, as a singer, musician, and Web3 artist, his third album \FIRSTSSS\ delivers infectious drum beats and captivating melodies.

Paul Lizzi AR TEE
Paul Lizzi AR TEE





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$99 now $65 usd

Paul Lizzi AR TEE
Paul Lizzi AR TEE

Fajo Magazine Interviews Paul Lizzi

By Julia Eskins ( Go to FAJO website for the full interview )

Paul Lizzi is not your typical drummer. Beyond infectious beats, the Montréal-based musician has added his own vocals and cool personal style to his act.

After first gaining acclaim in 2008 for his Mash Up Tour, Lizzi went on to land a European MTV award and MuchMusic Video Award nomination for his work with Karl Wolf. Along with collaborations with top performers, his music videos have helped skyrocket his popularity on social media channels. Gaining over 32,500 subscribers on YouTube in just nine months, Lizzi is quickly rising to stardom, and picking up plenty of sponsors and fans along the way.

FAJO Magazine asked Lizzi 10 questions about his fashion sense, creative inspiration and success to date.

1. How would you describe your work in one sentence?

My life experience in the form of music.

2. Where do you draw your inspiration for creative work?

I’ve travelled the world twice over, exposing myself to amazing cultures and lifestyles, so that has been one source of inspiration. The second is from the gigs I perform live with my band on a regular basis.

3. What is your background?

I’m Canadian-Italian. I started taking drum lessons and vocal lessons at the age of five and had my own family wedding band at the age of 12, performing 30 gigs a year!

4. What makes your work stand out from the work of others?

I am branding myself as a high-energy vocalist/MC/drummer onstage, with a rock electro band behind me. DJ included.

Lizzi is a fan of creative projects, whether it’s a musical endeavour or his latest photoshoot.

5. How would you describe your fashion sense? What designers do you wear?

I like to mix clean and dirty looks. I am sponsored by Diesel Canada. Stylistically, some key pieces are loose low-cut shirts and ripped jeans, with unzipped boots and blazers.

6. If you had to go back, what would you do differently in your career?

My artistry began two years ago. I wasn’t fully ready and I still had to learn from the artists I was supporting. I believe everything happens for a reason.

7. What has been your biggest and most successful collaboration to date?

I am proud of all my collaborations, whether it’s shooting a music video in Australia or making tracks with Uness and Karl Wolf. Also, trading links on YouTube with online giants like Epic Meal Time and Taryn Southern. I have to include my corporate sponsors Hype Energy Drinks and Diesel clothing as well. I’m blessed with support.

When it comes to fashion, the musician says that he likes to mix clean and dirty looks.

8. Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

I’m inspired by all forms of music, but mostly Lenny Kravitz for his simplistic melodies and style.

9. Back to your style – what item do you have the most in your closet?

I have a lot of low-cut shirts. [laughs] I’m kind of known for rockin’ those as part of my branded look.

10. How would you finish this sentence: Paul Lizzi is…

Doing it for the love… Not the fame.