Why did Paul Lizzi stop making music in 2012?

Warning! This blog post will be TMI about my experiences, but this is what I am known for - living my truth.

I just got asked that question. Why did I stop making music in 2012?

First off, If I wanted to take things to the next level - no one does anything for free. Especially the talented ones. 

I was coming off a decade of supporting other artists such as Jacynthe, K*******, Shaharah, Uness, Big Bass Music, Zaz, Rime, to name a few. I was always considered the 'drummer' with inspirational ideas as a producer and performer.

Once I got into my world and released Drum Luvin', ( click to watch the loyalty I had demonstrated to everyone was never reciprocated. I never expected resistance either! Some truly supported me in silence and those that did not did the exact opposite. 

I literally needed permission to tour in Australia and pursue my career, use any contacts or be taken serious.

I'll let you guess who did what. I love them all regardless.

That's not all. My naivete in forming a team right after I had released Man Of The Hour ( click to watch ) with D**** had backfired. I had worked with the crew of Epic Meal Time and met T***. 

I supported his journey as an artist to this day and we did amazing mashup videos, but when i wasn't in studio T*** and D***. formed an alliance. I had been painted as the egotistical rockstar - when in fact my goal was to grow a huge loving team in MTL, that we all can benefit from. 

They went on to produce new singles instead of going with the momentum of my first two singles that went worldwide as M.O.T.H was featured in compilations around the world and was on Virgin Radio.

Sometimes talented people are not meant to be artists and I am included in that idea.  It is humility, persistance and consistency that delivers success - not money and billboard charting tracks. Others will say, oh well - that's life! 

I also got sued by a rich, newly divorced business man that had no love in his heart and took advantage of my amateur efforts that looked liked a million bucks. That's all I am going to say atm.

I then started looking for new producers and a team.

Meanwhile, I created LIZZIFY ( click to watch ) and the idea was the same - promote inspiring people in MTL.

When the series came out it was denounced and everyone started to attack my videographer saying, '...why are you making Paul Lizzi popular? He is a douchebag!' and those same people wanted to duplicate something similar for themselves.

They eventually won. My co-producer was convinced that I was a douche even though I was supporting his business, getting sponsors and inspired his next level business idea. You can hear it in his opening commentary in season 2 episode 1.           ( Click here to watch )

All these peeps are now stuck because they tried to change the formula - which was taking my unrelenting force of making things happen in a humble way and turning it into an ego filled ( i don't need him to level up ) type of attitude.

I realized it takes a team to go next level. The team I tried to bring together never realized that. We all lost.

Back in the day, I was frustrated. Hence the song I wrote in my first album 'Multiverse' entitled "I Realize" ( click to watch )

Today, I am grateful it happened because it forced me to level up my talent and circle. 

Once I built up my new team, I had to go back into the 9-5 world and keep gigging with Shaharah to work and pay professionals. Double time it as they say.

Btw, she, I and Ralph have been a super positive force to this day carving out our history together and i could not be any prouder growing by their side.We are a powerhouse on and off stage.We are blessed and the gigs have never stopped coming in to this day.

I think that we are meant to bring eachother up and I am not jaded to this day - I will always help and support others - but from afar in 2020. I am not perfect and I am still learning but it is not easy and it made me a better person.

In hindsight, I learned two valuable things from the experience.

I took what they all did best and applied it to my new album VICI, and i transformed what I felt they were lacking and turned it into a 'second' strength.

I won't lie, it was difficult and time was my only way of learning what i had to do to become more self sufficient, forgiving and come back better and stronger.

This planet needs to be inspired and music is a channel I use to try to inpire others or just simply entertain them to forget about the conundrums of life. ( no pun intended )

Without that decade I would not be the artist I am today. 

The path has already been laid out in front of me, all i need to do is take the next positive step forward. 

Just keep moving forward, it will all make sense one day and you will be victorious VICI.

Watch my most recent music videos from the new EP VICI here! bit.ly/paullizzi