What it Felt Like to Busk in Times Square, New York City!

Ahhh! I finally checked this off my bucket list, "..pack up and busk in NYC." - minus the packing. 


People asked if I was afraid or shy. The answer simply is 'No!'


I have been on stages literally all my life. It was as easy as just getting up there and start a super fast rudiment. 


This was not just for my pleasure, it was for my new EP 'V I C I' coming out later this year with music videos for each single.


The single is called 'Damn Girl'. The fourth single, may I add.


I am proud that I am able to produce great music at a higher level and expand my visuals in other countries as I have done in the past. For example: I shot a music video called Inspirational in Sydney, Australia in front of the Opera House with the exact same drum and put it in the video. Watch it by clicking here. 


I want to fulfill this concept in as many countries as possible all the whilst shooting new content for my music. 


But alas, although it is legal to busk in New York City, Times Square, the NYPD kindly asked me to stop and get a permit to perform as much as I'd like. ( view part 2 found above )


Lucky for us we got the footage we needed in those few minutes!


This video will launch September 21st. Keep your eye out for it or subscribe by clicking here to get notified when it comes out!


You can watch my latest two videos, shot in Iceland and MTL by clicking here.