Paul Lizzi Performs Live at the Exclusive Official Launch of The Four Seasons Hotel in Montreal!

Playing for a crowd of over 500 people at this exclusive event at The Four Seasons in Montreal, Paul Lizzi will surely give one h*ll of a performance!

Starting at 11pm, he will explode with a drum solo followed by performing one of his singles and then mashing up with DJ Thomas H. & Fafa Khan!

With his new EP in the works and another video shot in New York City about to drop soon, October 27th to be exact, Paul is chugging away at his desire to be the next big Canadian artist after Drake.

Drum Luvin' was his first super hit and the new EP VICI starts with the single Wit Ya. ( click to watch )

You can see the BTS below of the second single BEST LIFE,  shot in Iceland.

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