Paul - You Want to be Famous, Right?

That is the number one question people always ask me - You want to be famous, right?

People in Montreal know me as the dude that drums, kinda sings, produces, speaks freely on his webseries and helped others along the way. This has been my reality for as long as I can remember.

Although I need fame to be known, it is not what i necessarily want. Rephrasing it to, I have been in music all my life and have evolved to the point of becoming an originator and creator that I would regret it if I did not pursue the final frontier of music.

I really give alot away to the public and I cherish my privacy. 

The follow up question people ask are, why do you do it? 

I do it for the 'what if' deathbed-type thoughts.

Although I gig alot and have a bougee 9-5 along with a burning desire to be entreprenerial, the goal is to travel the world, charge 10k per show and perform my heart out. Rinse and repeat.

Shattering the perception others have of me is an indication of growing as a creative person.

This goal forces me to evolve and push myself to do things I never thought possible. This is where you tame your ego, get disciplined and learn more patience and forgiveness.

This is where happiness lives for me.

I am a firm believer of not judging anyone's life path as long as it brings contentment to yourself in the end.

Check out 'Best LIfe' the new music video release btw, it is super dope and shot in Iceland. One of my best works to date.

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