The music video 'The Feels' Video Shot in Rome, Italy!

The impromptu video shoot in ITALY is Paul Lizzi's best yet.

Having only two days to shoot the video, this dark yet, vibe-y song 'The Feels' is another one for the books.

Paul is very proud to close off his album with this song especially in these pandemic times. The goal was to upgrade his sound, look, and show maturity as an artist.

'I feel like it is my renaissance as an artist...' says Paul.

Although he is has performed around the world and has conquered alot in his early life as an artist, he still has not been discovered by the masses but is considered a staple in his hometown of Montreal and country, Canada. 

Don't get it twisted, Paul has been performing around the world and is known in Australia, UAE, Europe and Canada.

The goal is to just be better than your last release. Inspire others and use the platform to make a real change on this globe. 

Fame is not the goal. Honesty and transparency as well as hard work is the goal. Money is not everything and when you do make it, Paul has learned that sharing success is the 'success'. The rest is a nice ego boost, but it is fluff.

When Paul was backstage at the MTV EMA awards accepting an award with another artist, he noticed how vapid that world was. It was then that he decided to just upgrade his talent for his own personal growth as a human. 

More about the video!

Paul says, "It started with an idea to shoot in Italy and somehow while on vacation in Malta, my videographer reached out to me and said he would be able to come in for 48 hours!

We did it and shot everywhere! We were on a mission! Shot at the Colosseum, the infamous 'typrwriter' building and the fountain of Trevi. 

At one point the polizia asked us what we were doing because of the seriousness of terrorism in Europe. 

Keep in mind we shot a few minutes prior to covid settling in. 

We also found ourselves lucky to have the main street to the Colosseum blocked off helping us take advantage of an empty street and capturing a non conventional shot of the Colosseum.

What makes this even more special is the fact that my wife and unborn baby girl are in the video. This is a double bucket check list as I am creating a unique and super positive environment for my new little family. 

Funnily enough, 'Best Life' is my 2nd favorite music video after 'Drum Luvin'. The way this video was shot and editied is probably the best one technically. I am very proud and thankful of my team and effort. 

Looking forward to cracking out a third EP that will be more upbeat, fun and explosive. I am just getting started.

I believe that being nice and working hard are the best principles to have and I am turning up my actions so that I can elevate my future child and generations outlook on life.

Paul Lizzi now has 5 music videos and 2 EP's shot in 4 different countries - Australia, Italy, Canada and USA. Watch the bts trailer to 'The Feels' below!

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