Don't Support Upcoming Artists! ( Reverse Psychology )

Written by: Annick Bissainthe

Be a Supporter

We for sure all have that one friend who is an artist. He or she keeps posting on social media and we might not like because we simply do not understand. Guess what, this friend needs your help. Just by sharing, liking & commenting on their posts can make a huge difference in their growth as an artist. 

It takes time to be creative and artists take risk by coming out of their comfort zone as often as possible. In addition to that, they are probably working on their creativity as a side hustle while having families, responsibilities, all the routine stuff. So yeah, simple appreciations are worth a lot.

When popular artists drop one music video - you are for sure one of the first ones to like it without even watching the entire video. It is a very interesting sociological example to how people only talk about how they know you after you 'proverbially' made it.

Ask Questions

Who does not like talking about what they love the most? Artists take their talent very seriously and they will be more than happy to explain their vision to their environment. It is hard to find people who care genuinely to someone's else interest in this world of ours. Asking nice & positive questions about their vision can be a way of showing that you care about them and what they do. 

Bond with them

I am sure some days you wake up and get the work blues. Guess what? Changing your routine by watching a live show or help promote an artist friend will make you feel good as well. 

If you feel you have not found your passion or cannot pursue it, do the next best thing - support those that do!